Online Character Sheets for 5e.

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All of your characters in one location. Accessible on any journey, from any land, at any time. Never lose track of your characters again, and don't worry, they'll never die (that is, unless you kill them... which... would be sad....). Anywho, the Player's Handbook is still a required resource for every adventurer seeking real adventure. How else would you know that you could... Oh wait, you would need the Player's handbook for that. Nevermind, I'm sure you'll find it when you search for it.

These character sheets are completely free. They keep track of all your changes and update other items when you change something. Change your race? No problem, it will update your traits and your racial abilities for you. Change your constitution score? No problem, your health will update accordingly (we wouldn't want you to die now would we?). Full access, all for free. Each account comes with 6 free character sheets, for you to use as you wish.

Auto Leveling. Auto Updating. Auto Saving.

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These character sheets are still in production, and you can access a non-saving one here.

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